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TTI TCB-771 CB radio


The TCB-771 is the new and improved version of the much loved TCB-770, it has all the great features from the TCB-770 but can now be supplied by either a 12v of a 24v supply. The TCB-771 also has a Dynamic Squelch System for a much improved audio experience. TTI have also removed the fiddly dual function knobs found on the TCB770

Multi standard mobile CB radio for UK and EU bands, it is an ideal radio for users travelling across Europe as it includes various options to select CB frequency bands for Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Poland and UK (Please note when using in UK you may only select the bands UK, UE or EC).


Features multi-function display with back light, microphone with up/down buttons, external S meter socket, quick up/down channel selector and scanning, emergency button, external speaker socket. Power: 13.8V DC or 24V DC..



    Technical Specifications:

    Frequency Bands

    EC           CEPT 40CH FM 4 watts

    E              Spain 40CH AM/FM 4wats

    F              France 40CH FM 4 watts / 40CH AM 1 watt

    PL            Poland 40CH AM/FM 4 watts (+ / - 5KHz)

    UK           UK 40CH FM 4watts

    UE           UK 40CH FM   4 watts / 40CH CEPT (EC) 4 watts

     I              Italy 40CH AM/FM 4 watts

    I2             Italy 34CH AM/FM 4 watts

    D             Germany 80CH FM 4 watts / 12CH AM 1 watt

    D2           Germany 40CH FM 4 watts / 12CH AM 1 watt

    EU           Europe 40CH FM 4 watts / 40CH AM 1 watt


    26.965Mhz to 27.405Mhz (CEPT)

    27.60125Mhz to 27.99125Mhz  (UK)

    Power Supply

    13.8V DC / 24V DC


    0.5uV for 20dB SINAD in FM mode / 0.7  V for 10dB (S+N)N in AM mode


    140mm (w) x 37mm (h) x 186mm (d)




£66.00 inc UK VAT







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